How Apple Can Think Different Again

think-differentApple’s continuous innovation over the last 40 years is breathtaking. They have disrupted industries, delivered record profits and captured our geeky hearts.

The iPad, the companies latest disruptive innovation, was launched six years ago and has managed to become an invaluable part of our daily lives.

In a sea of enormous profits, we cast our view towards the horizon, and we see an uncertain future for Apple. The company is left exposed by the Apple Watch’s niche appeal. The small-time performance of Apple TV, Apple Pay, and CarPlay all compound the uncertainty. Read more.

12 Examples of Inspiring Retail Innovation


The way we shop has become a melting pot of digital and analog touch points. Context and mobility now define modern shopping. Retailers must meet a new standard in experience design if they are to avoid becoming the next Blockbuster or Barnes & Noble.

Some retailers are perfecting the customer experience and transforming old and tired marketplaces. Others are creating exciting new products that use data as a starting point. The biggest revolution is coming from companies tackling big scaleable issues such as payment and distribution.

Let’s find inspiration in 12 different approaches to retail. Read more.

3 Inspiring Spaces for Creative Innovation

Space plays a big role in setting the conditions for creativity. Go to a successful design studio or innovation Lab and you’ll common success factors: friendly people, handpicked music and healthy food.

The biggest factor in defining a creative innovation space is designing to the new modalities of the Knowledge Worker. According to heavyweight Architectural design firm Gensler:
1. Focus
2. Learn
3. Social
4. Collaborate


You can read their most recent report here.

Here are 3 workplaces that that exemplify these modalities:

IKEA Space 10 Innovation Lab


Space10 is a future-living lab and exhibition space in the heart of Copenhagen. This is where IKEA go to image the future of living.

Idea Box at Main Library


Idea Box, located just inside the Main Library entrance, is a dedicated 19’ x 13’ space that each month provides a new and dynamic participatory community experience. Visitors are encouraged to learn through tinkering, fun, experimentation and play.

Capital One Labs


The Capital One Lab is a place where experimentation happens. They move like a start-up accelerator within a big financial services firm. They’re hoping to redefine the way people interact with their money. You’ll find them in DC, NY, and SF.