3 Reasons Why Xbox Is Winning The Living Room

Xbox has more subscribers than Time Warner Cable and is way ahead of the Apple TV in the living room. This success has been built on a powerful product/service combination that gives Xbox great momentum.

Recently, Forbes published a article about the success of Xbox in the living room. Forbes states…

After only a decade, Microsoft, a software company, has built a stronger hardware product than anyone else has in the space. And a new console, nicknamed Xbox 720, is expected to be unveiled next year with lots of media-centric features. If the Xbox division keeps growing as it has, it will account for far more than the 7% of Microsoft it does today.

When you look deeper into the numbers it reveals the powerful combination of content, hardware and services. Xbox has three pillars to its current success:

  1. Powerful hardware: Xbox 360 and Kinect
  2. Longlasting exclusive title content: Halo and Gears Of War
  3. Engaging service subscriptions: Xbox Live

The remarkable thing about the success of Xbox 360, is that the hardware is still selling so strongly in the end of its life cycle. When you look at US sales data from NPD, the Xbox is defying market forces and standing alone as the leader in sales growth.

So what does the future of Xbox look like? Who knows, but Yusuf Mehdi from Xbox just posted a good article that gives us a glimpse into Xbox’s future.

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